The Shield May 9, 2010

Eringer liked the flag on my jacket, but instead of an American flag he wanted something a shield. So I hunted down an image based the American Shield; and instead of painting a series of white stars in the upper blue part of the shield, Eringer requested I paint only one white star. (I thought the lone star may look like Captain America's shield, the Star on a Bonnie blue Flag, or the Lone Star Flag of Texas, but alas it looked solid and unique.

When the Shield was complete, Eringer had one final request: put "S-U-B-R-O-S-A" somewhere on the shield; so I painted it subtly on the red stripes. (I'd never heard of the term, and I was amused to oblige}

T'was quite unique indeed! I still didn't know the depth of my friend and patron. There were many things that were subrosa about him, (eight years sense and I still haven't completely figured him out). Sometimes it's best to just let things be.

I did know he had something to do with Prince Albert of Monaco, and we'd be visiting Monaco soon, but I didn't ask him any specifics.

Then, he chose to have me paint one more symbol on the right sleeve of his A-2...

The fun, and intrigue was just beginning!