Close-up. May 7, 2010

Edward Stanley, center, according to records, wasn't very large in stature, but he could handle that big four engine bomber without any problem, in fact he was a seasoned pilot.

This Nose Art would be a bit of a challenge for me to paint as the image wasn't very clear to begin with. The only imagery I could find of the Pegasus was the Logo for The old "Flying "A" Studios", and Mobile Oil. Fortunately for me the symbols were all similar.

So, much like my A-2, I drew the image on the leather jacket using a ball point pen, then used a thin black sharpie. Next I striped the finish off the leather, and redrew the contours. I then used Tandy leather paint to produce the flying horse. I chose red instead of white because it would harmonize better with the tone of the Jacket.

It was widely practiced among bomber pilots and flight crews to paint symbols of bombs on the back of the jacket representing the number of missions a bomber had flown during the war. But Eringer, always thinking creatively, had another idea for additional symbols to be painted on his jacket...