They Gathered at Sunrise. May 30, 2010

Skip forward five years.

I taught an oil painting workshop out in the Owens Valley in 2008, in the granite rocks configured near the town of Lone Pine, called the, "Alabama Hills". They are amongst the oldest in North America.

Time stands still out there in the vast solitude of the valley.

Now, I don't claim to believe in anthropomorphism but these rocks are alive. They move, they talk. They have seen so much change since the dawn of time, and stand still like Stonehenge.

On this particular morning, I painted them while they seemed to be gazing into the morning sunrise; huddled together like a family, in awe of the life they were witnessing.

I don't think they noticed they were being observed by my watchful eye, and if they did, they maid me no mind.

"They Gathered at Sunrise"
6x10, oil

Collection of Gerry Winett, and Ann Sanders