Asylum Night, St. Remy, May 24, 2010

It was getting late, and the moon was high. I was motivated to be lurking in the shadows outside the main entry to the Asylum.

I remember seeing the movie, "Lust for Life" staring Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh. There is a scene where he is being delivered to the Asylum in a horse and carriage; right to this gate. This timeless gate.

Many have entered here, some exit.

More silence, snow, and moonlight; and undisturbed night. Patterns of the moon light casting shadows across the road creeping slowly and deliberately before me. Somewhere behind this gate true genius was contained and studied for a brief period.

Van Gogh's imagination could not be stopped, or cropped. He continues to influence generations of creative thinkers, encouraging the avaunt Gard to stride out into the unknown.

Not much has changed over the years except for our understanding of mental illness can be embraced as a divine teacher.

Asylum Night
10x8 oil/panel
Collection of Robert Eringer