Night of a Van Gogh Moon. May 21, 2010

Eringer and I escaped the Asylum and drove to Les Baux, a thirty minute meander to the South of St. Remy. In my mind I knew I had come all this way, to paint Nocturnes in the place where "Starry Night" was created. I had to do this in order to pay homage to the Master, to connect with his spirit in some way. It was an opportunity I was not going to let go to waste.

As we made our way into the Valley of Les Baux the Moon that would later accompany me that night, began to rise to the East. I quickly grabbed my poshade box, (easel), and set up to capture the moon as it rose.

This was a proud moment; as I was motivated and inspired to just be in the neighborhood Van Gogh once witnessed. My thoughts: this was the same moon face which has risen every month since the dawn of Man. Only this time I would paint it with a different committent; to the concept of creativity and madness.

When I had finished, I turned around and grafitteed the stone road abuttment with my Anchor symbol, TVS.

I knew it was a stretch for me to come all this way with a family back home. It was going to be even more of a stretch for me to go back out that night, alone, and paint outside the walls of Van Gogh's Asylum.

Did I have the Cahones?

Moonrise, Les Baux France,
5x7, oil/panel
Collection of Robert Eringer