Mental, Re: Temptation. May 18, 2010

So this was the room Van Gogh created some of his greatest masterpieces; especially the, "Starry Night". It was a mindful experience.

In my research I found Van Gogh was influenced by a painting called, the "Starry Night" by Millet. He was one of the great French Genre painters of the Mid 19th Century, whom Van Gogh appreciated. Millet's Starry Night was painted forty years before Van Gogh's post impressionist Masterpiece, RIGHT HERE-IN THIS ROOM!

I am certain, that when Van Gogh was locked away in here, this room was more like a real art studio, with paintings, easels, paints and canvas everywhere. Hey, but the "Doctors" saw that it was GOOD! It kept him happy!

Art Therapy was born!

When Vincent was in lock down, he wasn't allowed out at night. So all he could do is view the outdoor night sky through these barred windows, and work in the daytime from memory. I say this because he was considered mad. I doubt they allowed him his candles which would have allowed him to work at night cause remember, he was mentally unstable and probably wouldn't have been allowed to play with fire.

As I mentioned before, the waist high gate said "Keep Out" (to the voyers of the world), but from inside the room, in the space for the mentally disturbed, the sign was blank. Nobody was around except for Eringer and Me, so I quickly hopped the gate, and made myself at home...