Carousel Nocturne, Arles Fr. May 15, 2010

Steady rain fell in Arles so it looks like my plans of painting the Night Cafe were drenched. However, next door to the Hotel Julius Cesar was a 19th Century Carousel; all lit up and running in circles. Funny thing; no souls were riding it ! Fortunately for me I saw a large Band Stand near by which I felt would shelter me from the rain, so I grabbed my gear and sprinted in the rain to get to that dry place.

Once set up, I began to paint. It all seemed surreal, like something out of the Twilight Zone!
It was a huge challenge to paint it as it was constantly in motion, and I had to pick and choose the shapes of the various riderless animals.

Right in the middle of painting, while deep in concentration, I jumped when I heard a voice directly behind me say, "BOO!!" I nearly had a heart attack. I angrily reproached Eringer for creeping up on me and giving me a start. I know it was in gest, but I was already on the edge. (Guess what I was doing wasn't edgy enough?)

I was all good, (eventually), and it was a great way to touch in with the spirit of Van Gogh; I imagine very few artists in history have ever painted a nocturne of this particular Carousel in Arles. In fact, I may be the only one!

I was looking forward to driving to and painting Van Gogh's Asylum; Maison de Sante Saint-Paul in St Remy.