Hotel Julius Ceasar, Arles Fr. May 14, 2010

It continued to rain all afternoon, so Eringer and I hung out (or in) the Hotel, lounging with cigars and Armin yak. I needed to paint so I grabbed my easel and palette and painted this interior Lobby-sketch of the Hotel Julius Ceasar. The painting depicts Eringer in a secret meeting a few yards away. (They must have been using the cone of silence as I couldn't hear the conversation)

I am excited to say this painting has been missing for seven years; lost in my studio since 2003! It resurfaced a few weeks ago when I was searching for something else in a remote corner of my loft. It was the first of six I painted on this journey.

It was cold and rainy outside, but I came to paint! I needed to venture out in to Arles to paint a nocturne: what was I to do? I gave up the idea of painting the Cafe Vincent Van Gogh because there was no shelter from the storm.

Then I saw my motif; the Antique Carosel- all lit up and spinning around with nobody riding it. This was going to be a good night after all!

Lobby, Julius Ceasar
6x10 oil/board 2003

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