Searching for Clues, Arles Fr. May 13, 2010

Stepping outside the Hotel Julius Cesar the rain had stopped. Eringer and I strolled out into the hustle and bustle of pungent people perusing the boulevard and farmer's market. Eringer looked like a suave sleuth in his new A-2.

Except for cars, buses, and electrical wires, Arles still seemed in the 19th Century; the people and architecture make a timeless backdrop that makes it easy to imagine what it was like when Gauguin and Van Gogh sauntered up the streets with their easels and paints.

We visited the Hospital where Van Gogh recovered from his close shave and found it is like a time capsule; with placards showing where he painted his paintings when there. We noticed a carousel near the Hotel (which I remember seeing in the movie, "Lust for Life"). Nobody was riding it...

My thoughts:

More rain falling; I only have a little time left here.

What am I going to paint?

Photo: Robert Eringer, Arles, Winter 2003

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