Moonrise, Winter April 30, 2010

When one studies art, they must surround themselves with it; they must live, eat and breath art. I tell my students to "Buy Art Books!" Study the Masters. Try to get in their heads and find inspiration in life which brings them to mind.

Driving down the 101 Freeway I found this view, in Westlake of all places. It reminded me of one of Claude Monet's motifs from his series paintings near Giverny. I planned ahead by finding the imagery of Monet's, sketching it a couple of times. Then in March , 2006, I drove down to the site and caught the Moonrise in the East.

using my artistic license i eliminated a couple of homes and lights which were present in the distant shore. The Moonrise, though, was spot on and I was able to capture it, and the water foul bathing in it's reflection.

Winter Moonrise
20"x24" oil
Painting subject to prior sale