Baptismal Light, April 8, 2010

While this is not the best reproduction of the painting, I still am fond of the experience.

Mission San Antonio is in an out of the way location. In fact it is so remote that the mission, as well as the surrounding landscape make the location seem timeless. The challenge for me was to paint the effect of moonlight on a stucco building, much like what Charles Rollo Peters attempted in the early 20th Century. I wanted to have a light on inside to invoke mystery or wonderment. I wanted to convey this without creating a warm and fuzzy feeling to the painting like Thomas Kinkade might do.

This painting was accepted into the 90th annual California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibiton in 2001. It now hangs in London in the art collection of Reek Piseran of Corporate Intelligence Service, U.K. See: "Surreal Bounce".