Contemplation. April 5, 2010

What next?

What is it I am here to do? What is it I am trying to say?

What can I do with my art which will satisfy my souls' need to express myself?

While walking in Santa Barbara, I saw this image appear through the fog. I took the picture, then watched the images disappear into the fog again.

Sometimes, such as with these two figures in this photo, I will need to sit and be quiet; contemplate that which makes my heart sing, or intrigues me, or nothing at all. and then wait for the spark of an idea to arise.

I find if it is meant to be, the stars will align and the evidence will reveal itself for me to put the pieces together.

And if everything appears symbolically as a potential teacher for me, and my awareness, I will awaken to the realization and read the manifestation clearly. In the case of these foggy apparitions, I looked at these two figures as 'showing up' in my reality in order to remind me I need to look inward for my answers; take personal responsibility for my chosen path, practice meditation, practice "ZENTOLOGY" (My word).

My peace of mind exists in knowing that I am always where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to be doing, being who I am meant to be. I am to meant to create art for art sake and art for commerce sake; and yield for victory.