Wall Art at the CAF April 4, 2010

Now it is done.

This picture shows the wall in which the painting hangs. The aviation painting hanging next to "Tigers Over Kweilin", is is one I created in 2006 after being given the opportunity to fly left seat, traveling back from Fresno in the CAF's C-46 Curtis Commando, "China Doll". I shall visit the creation of this painting in a future blog.

My paintings hang for all to enjoy, and spark the imagination. Aside from the occasional bird dropping and yearly cleaning, most viewers are respectful when they view the paintings up close; in other words, they don't place their hands on them.

This is a good thing.

In retrospect, it has now been three years since the installation, the museum has grown in many ways, and I always enjoy returning to see my "children" from time to time. Their affect on the public? I guess the ripples go out; seeds are planted.

Now it feels like my job is done, the story is told and honor bestowed.

Now what?