Tigers Over Kweilin. April 3, 2010

One final uninterrupted look before I close the book on the saga of "Tigers Over Kweilin". The Painting now rests in a place of honor in Camarillo, surrounded by the theme of Aviation History.

I am now working out the ideas of a painting honoring, "Sarle's Raiders", and the CAF's one-of-a-kind PBJ Mitchell Bomber on a historic mission in Davao, in the Philippines, in 1944. I say 'one of a kind' because in truth, it is the only one left in the world actually designated a PBJ (Patrol Bomber J-Class) and frankly, I am in love with this plane and concept.

It is a divine order saga, and I need to git'er done...
At this point, the painting is in the design stages, and hopefully it will not take two years to produce like the one on this page.

In the mean time, I am back to creative thinking and being an artist in life, so please bare with me.