Gorbi Comes to Town April 26, 2010

I am represented by the Bottoms Art Gallery in the Biltmore Hotel, Montecito. Joseph Bottoms called me to say he'd arranged a meeting with M. Gorbachev who was visiting Santa Barbara on behalf of Global Green.

Santa Barbara Philanthropist Pierre Claeyssens wanted to give Mr. Gorbachev a bronze Dolphin sculpture by Joseph's father, Bud Bottoms.

The meeting was arranged. Joseph brought my nocturnes out into the courtyard as well as some paintings by some artwork of other artists he represented. Gorbacheve arrived with his interpreter, and entourage. The presentation of the sculpture was made.

We then lined up to shake Mr. Gorbacheve's hand. I shook his hand and showed him my paintings, and the Russian Infantryman's hat I wore to paint them. I explained how I painted them on location, then I put the hat on my head and turned on my booklight. He gazed, then chuckeled, and spoke in Russian.

"Mr. Gorbachev wants you to know he thinks you are very interprising!", said his interpreter. I shook his hand and said, "Thanks, I'm a capitalist!".

We then gathered for a photo op. My Russian Hat, my "Battlin' Bet" Flight Jacket, make their debut on an international stage!

Pictured: Unnamed Artist(temporarily), Joseph Bottoms, Myself, Pierre Claeyssens, and Bud Bottoms. In the background a painting by my mentor, Sergei Bongardt.