Dispatched! April 25, 2010

I forgot to mention that the Desert Dispatch dispatched a reporter to tag along with the archaeological expedition. I was surprised to see the saga made the FRONT PAGE!!

I appeared on the same page as Slick Willie... but I was the, "MAN".

Hey, I was so happy to have the reporter there and put this in writing, not only to help tell the story of Kenny Frost; once thought lost to history, but after reading the article again today I can see how much I've forgotten. I'm humbled at knowing how important it is to not skip over things so as to make a point; especially when it is concerning someones life and what they accomplished in their brief time upon the Earth.

This is what it's like to strive to get to the configuration of things. It's like peeling an onion. For me, art is a catalyst; a muse for which there is no end and only infinite possibilities from which to begin.