Letter Home. April 17, 2010

I found a number of letters in the box of Kenny's personal belongings. Amongst them were some letters that were illustrated with various characters. I found one letter written home which Kenny sketched the image which he painted on his P-38 Lightening.

This was a caricature of my Mom!

Kenny was proud of his artwork and he wrote home to tell everyone of his nose art. In the letter he also acknowledges "Bill and Bob" (Betty's Brother and Fiance') as being with him on his flights.

Seeing this sketch gave me an idea...

His flight jacket only had his squadron patches and wings on it, with no nose art on the back. I made up my mind to honor him and Betty by painting the "Batlin' Bet" nose art on my flight jacket when I got one.

I started to collect the reference photos so I could make the best decisions on how it looked.

The artist's process continued...