So, what do ya want on your tombstone? April 14, 2010

I called Forrest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale to ask if they would forward a letter to any of Ken's next of kin, to which they replied yes. I drove to Glendale to drop off the letter, then I went up and Located his Grave site. I was astounded at the artwork on his Tombstone! Talk about passion.

About two weeks later I was contacted by Ken's Brother, Hal Frost, who lived with his wife in La Canada. I then arranged a trip down to meet him/his wife, and see Kenny's the belongings which Hal had kept for over 60 years.

What an amazing collection of art-i-facts I was about to uncover.

I had made contact with Steve Blake, the Historian for the 82nd Fighter Group, for which Kenny Frost was a part. He helped me in my quest to find out more about Kenny because his history was incomplete and wasn't entered into the official history book for the Fighter group. So during my search he was available for background as well as introductions to pilots who flew with Kenny back in WWII.

All the communications and revelations seemed to fit together like a puzzle.