Saga of the Batlin' Bet, April 11, 2010

When growing up I use to marvel at my Mother's photo book of memories. She, Betty Tucker, grew up in Hollywood CA, a graduate of Marshall HS, and as I mentioned she'd lost seven or so very close friends during the War. Her Brother, Bill, his best friend Bob Ketron, (her fiance'), Bob Ketron, were among them. All of them were pilots.

There were two or three small photos in her book which were extraordinary; esp. those showing a young man, Kenny Frost, in one of the most beautiful war birds ever created in WWII, the P-38 Lightening.

My mom use to mention stories about Kenny Frost, and how he won so many medals during his flying and fighting over seas. He flew in a P-38 he'd named after her called, "Batlin' Bet".

In the process of digging, I learned a few things more...

Kenny Frost, in P-38L Lightning, "BATLIN'BET'
Foggia, Italy. 1943