Out of the Darkness; Light! March 5, 2010

Seattle is a dark city when there is no moon in sight. During the Artwalk we made our way into this back alley, where artists and patrons gathered for three different exhibitions of art.

One, a post modern expressionist exhibition, two; an exhibition of masks made of tin, and three; a duet of two young ladys singing jazz, in harmony, accompanied by a stand up base and guitarist.

It was lively, and a great way to "feel" the art.

I appreciate the avaunt gaudiness and immediacy that comes out on First Thursday Artwalks, and the fact people come out to play along with the artists.

Music is a big part of the equation here in this fragmented city. The musicians seem to be the glue that holds it together. I say this because musicians, more than than flat or 3D artists, are everywhere. They fill the seams. As a result it's not difficult to get to the configuration of what makes Seattle work; it's as if the cracks and fissures left open, on purpose, esposing its rough fenestration.