Moving Day March 26, 2010

All the show and tell is over(for now). The painting is framed, signed, photographed, and ready to move. I had arranged to rent a U-Haul Panel Truck for the purpose of taking the painting down to Camarillo Airport, to the Commemorative Air force Museum.

I remember it was an unseasonably cold day, and when it's cold, my studio freezes. Thus I am wearing full thermal underwear and a muffler.
(My studio was a converted barn, built without insulation, but with occasional mice...)

(Nothing worse than being cold when trying to create).

After this picture was taken, I covered the painting with a blue sheet, loaded it up into the truck, and drove it 50 miles to it's final destination. There, I was assisted by Dan Newcomb, and Ken Barger, (fellow CAF Colonels), in hanging the painting next to two other aviation paintings of mine already on exhibit.

The Blue sheet remained on the painting for almost three weeks until the unveiling.

The excitement was building!