Party Promotion March 25, 2010

I like these "show and tell" art parties!!

As I had mentioned, all the planning for the unveiling event in Camarillo, took about five months to organize. The title for the event would be the, "Fight for China." It would be slated for May 7, 2007 and I was hoping to organize the logistics around a mini air show as part of the unveiling.

In the mean time, my fellow artists at the Old International Dairy Cooperative in Santa Barbara, (where I've had my studio since 1993) had an art show/event under the full moon in April 2007. (I just found this image taken of me in my studio during the event, which someone posted on the internet!)

This photo gives a pretty good indication of what the public would have seen as they were entering into my studio that evening. My large canvas looms like a mural; dwarfing all other works of art visible in the shot.

One can see the two models I hung from the ceiling lights; which, when facing the painting from the back of my studio, the planes were in the same alignment as the larger P-40, and the Zero it had just shot down.

Critical Feedback is so important, regardless of whom is giving it. Although I admit it is important to me to hear a critique from another seasoned artist who may have a deeper understanding of the creative path, and life of an artist, more than someone who has yet to live their life to the fullest.

Photo Credit: K. Johanson