Props, Flames, Cleared for Flight, March 23, 2010

One can almost hear the sound of the engines.

When painting this painting I would listen to the sounds of WWII Aircraft digitally recorded: Taxiing, Flying etc. all to heighten the intensity of the moment when this scene would have taken place.

Basically, it is a moment in time; an instant glimpse of the drama and horrors of war, in contrast with the tranquil, timeless landscape. It is ironic: how nature can be so beautiful, and humans so destructive. How humans can be so beautiful and Nature so destructive.

It's a dichotomy.

To get to this level of finish the process took me almost two years. From this point on my goal was to call people over to my studio in order to 'show it off', and to plan the transition to the Commemorative Air Force Museum, and the 'unveiling'.

Once again logistics played a large determining factor in my life. All the Who's, What's, Whens, Wheres, Whys, and How's, became my concern as I moved into production mode.