Moonset, March 1, 2010

The rain put a damper on the moon rise last night, so I got to bed early in hopes of a clear morning sky. My body clock woke me up at 0430, so I went to the window and saw the moon was low in the sky, bright, and shiny. I moved in autopilot, feeling like a zombie I put my clothes on, got my dog and drove out to the Carp Bluffs.

The Moon was getting ready to set in the West, and was glistening on the ocean. Hurriedly I set up my easel and palette and began to paint a small moon set sketch. By the time I was finished (in 40 min. or so), I was freezing, and the moon was turning red; a perfect time for one last sketch. However, because I was cold and tired, I whimped out. I decided to just enjoy the moment and observe the setting moon all alone, in silence...

People ask me if I ever work from photographs. I do, sometimes. They are a great tool for reference; period. (It's best to not let the photo dictate what the picture is to look like). I do always carry a camera with me for certain miracle/magical moments, like this morning.

I will download this morning's painting soon.