Let the show begin! March 19, 2010

Ya Gotta start somewhere.

In oil painting one paints from dark to light, or masses in the darkest values to the lightest values. I don't paint the darkest values as dark as they appear; I make them slightly lighter. I don't paint the lighter values as light as they appear; I make them darker. This way the painting can develop in "Middle Key" value range.

Every brush stroke I lay in is in anticipation of the highlights to come.
Their contrast or "Pop" will be determined by the values and intensity of the color(s) adjacent to them.

I know this seems technical, but it's critical that the first strokes are right in every manner because every subsequent stroke will be determined by and related back to them. In the case of this photo, from the very start I am laying in the mass which will be in contrast to the highlights on the spinner of the front P-40.

If the values are right, the colors will be right, and the painting will take on a holographic 3-D effect.