The Contour sketch. March 18, 2010

Here is the size and scale of the painting, as it hung on my studio wall. It is hard to see them, however if you look closely you can see the contours (outlined shapes) of all the major players in the composition. I drew them in with conte' crayon to maintain a red harmony with the under painting.

The painting stayed in this position for another four months, staring me in the face every time I came in to the studio, As if to say, "when ya gonna paint me??" Oh Oh.

This painting was representing art for art sake, I had no intention of selling it. I knew once I started it, it would become an obsession until I finished it. The question was, when would I find the time to paint this monster??

I was already juggling my life with family, friends, coaching, teaching, traveling, hobbies, and producing art for exhibitions. This was going to be a long process, but I'd better git'er going soon cause I needed the wall space to display my other work of art.