Tiger's Over Kweilin; The Process March 16, 2010

There was a problem...

The Canvas I stretched was the wrong format in relationship to the format for John Sexton's Photograph. So, I xeroxed the image, and increased the size to fit the shape of the canvas I had stretched. If you look closely you can see on the right side of the photocopy I used my imagination to create a wider image. Also, if you look closely, I added an inch to the bottom of the photocopy, drawing in with an ink pen my vision of a continuous rice paddy. This satisfied the criteria.

Now, The images I used for the aircraft were a crude cut and paste reversal of a P-40E "War Hawk. That is the large aircraft on the left. The Japanese Zero I got off the computer, from my MS Flight Combat Simulator. The other P-40 in the distance is taken from a photo (reversed), I took years ago, when attending the opening of the P-38 Museum, at March Air Force Base near Ontario, California.

The next challenge would be to decide my color palette, and do a couple of 8x10 thumbnail sketches...

Thumbnail sketches are preliminary sketches. Their benefit is to create a road map for the sub-conscious, so one can work out and satisfy or solve as many questions and/or
problems which may arise along the way, during the evolution of the painting.

The direction you are facing has much to do with your destination."--D. McCaw