Mission Arches. March 12, 2010

This is one of the paintings from the SB Architectural show in yesterday's blog. It took three to four painting secessions on location in order to capture the values and light on the Mission Arches.

As the sun moved to the West the shadow coming down from the eves above, would grow rather quickly, downward. So I would need to work quickly to see all the subtleties come together.

When the values are right, the painting takes on a three dimensional quality; From the stand point of flat art, the painting looks holographic. It is a window effect. This comes as a result of quantifying the distance of every object I am painting, in relationship to the surface of my eye, and then to each of the other subjects in the painting.

During this painting I met two young ladies from the Philippines, whom I stayed in touch with via face book and this blog. Its all good, and the world is a better place as a result.

Mission Arches
18"x22" oil/canvas 2008
Painting subject to prior sale