Action Pose, Columbia River. March 8, 2010

Some times when I am painting, (and especially if the painting is going well) people will find me, and what I am doing, an interesting subject. I sense they are watching me, (or that I am being watched) and I will turn around and greet them.

Most of the time there is someone there taking pictures. Some of the time, I will ask them to send me a copy via email. On occasion I have felt I was being watched and turned around to find nobody there.

This challenges my poise. So to compensate for the chill running up my spine, I will extend a hand out to the invisible and greet the empty space. I say, "Hi, Thanks for being here, glad you came!"

I welcome most company that comes along.

During this painting's evolution, aside from the Russians who stood around me speaking only Russian, the most memorable exchange was with a hoodlum gangster in a baseball cap and mirrored sunglasses expressing very few words; he encouraged me to, "Keep it up!"

Well, those are my intentions and as long as I am alive I hope to do just that! Whatever I am doing, or creating I will always strive for longevity; to, "Keep it up!"

A, "never-say-die" attitude is strongly recommended, (this, and a daily dose of skin thickener) will help an artist make it through the rough patches. Performing frequently in public also builds character, and is a great place to share the passion and inspire others to do the same.