Totally Committed, February 3,2010

April 10, 2003

Bedlam Bar Opens in London. Eringer [the mysterious), relaxing stylishly on his stool, underneath a tromp l'oeil lamp painted by Jimmy. Black lights illuminate the mural of the Royal Bethlehem Mental Hospital. Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is painted on the ceiling.

Two of my paintings adorn the walls: Jack Nicholson smiling through a splintered door exclaiming, "Heeers Johnny!", also a morose Edgar Allen Poe posing in front of Raven wall paper.

The image of the white androgynous figure with hands spread apart is "High and Low". purchased from Van Gogh's Asylum, from the gift shop. St. Paul du Masoule is now an insane asylum for women, and they have art therapy classes for the patients. The patients can sell their work in the gift shop. And if it doesn't sell, they can take their frustrations out; safely behind bars. Sweet deal!

Back to Bedlam...

It was sanctuary for mental cases; (and England has it's share). If you weren't mental before you arrived, your mind was tweaked before you left. There was never a dull moment, and all fools were gladly suffered!

Every night WAS a full moon...