Ship Wreck with boys

This last storm produced another sad end to a beautifully designed sail boat. Fools Anchorage claimed another one.

My boys and I were in need of getting out of the house after the last rain, so we took a drive to the SB Maritime Museum. On our way we saw this boat aground on East Beach, so, we stopped and took a look, up close.

There is something primal about ships or boats that have run aground. Something Awesome and tragically surreal. We are given an opportunity to see what is rarely seen by the human eye; the vulnerable underbelly of the boat. Beached!

Talk about truly getting to the configuration of things; of life! Even more, it was a great bonding adventure for the boys and me.

The artist has the roving eye which seeks out a motif. The inspiration, which calls to him and ignites the spark of creative action, is the divine spirit yearning for expression.