Atlantis Feb. 23, 2010

Atlantis was a commissioned painting.

Back in the early 1990's I was trying to find my way as an artist, using my illustration skill I'd learned in college. I produced a series of Marine Mammal Illustrations for some exhibitions to benefit the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center in Santa Barbara.

Being I'd traveled to the palace of Knossos on Crete, and I was at the time, part of the Left wing wacko crowd of Metaphysical Moronic Convergencers, I was into "Dolphin Energy", Crystals, and burning sage.

I was commissioned to paint this painting for a man in Santa Barbara, whom I now no longer have contact. Unless it is by divine order I may never see this painting again.
This Atlantis themed painting was first sketched out, then air bushed, then painted in Acrylics, then finished off with color pencils.

I recall I spent approximately 120 hours on the painting before it was signed and photographed.

I thought I could make a career in painting this fantasy genre, but that was a fantasy in itself. I learned I would need to move to Maui and establish myself there, in order to legitimize my emergence into that fraternity of glitzy whale lubbers. But each painting took too long to produce; and it was tough to sell for what it was worth in my mind.

But "Atlantis" gives a glimpse of my mind; where I can go and explore from time to time.

26"x32" Mixed Media