Art Support Feb. 21, 2010

It's important to get out there and see the art world, or live it.

Friday night, my patron and amigo Robert Eringer,
and I, went out on the town and celebrated two art openings; the art opening of Actress Jane Seymour and the Glenna Hartmann Memorial Art Exhibition.

Jane's Art show, at Gallery Maiani, in Montecito, was a place to see and be seen; it was almost like a Hollywood Premier with red carpet entry, limosenes, fine wine [tasting?], gormet nibbles, and wall to wall celebrants, there for the "Seymour" Show.

As it is with most heavily attended art openings, it would be difficult to enjoy the art on display, and one may leave wanting to, "see more". I saw a few red dots which is always a good thing, regardless of the artist. Art is selling. Art is celebrated.

Seymour was the dash of red this night. I wish her well in her art career.

The Glenna Hartman Exhibition was packed with a nice array of landscape painting from the OAK Group, and selected artwork from Blue Chip Southern California Landscape painters. The exhibition was curated by Jean Stearn. I was fortunate to have two moonlight paintings in the show.

We arrived too late, for the crowds had ascended and few celebrants remained, mulling about with their wine glasses in hand. It looked like maybe the rain put a damper on things, (or maybe it was the $50.00 tickets to buy entry to the show). But where ever the crowds went they took their red dots with them when they left. In retrospect, hopefully there will be more sales and viewers over the weekend.

The show was well hung, and aside from the bright orange/terracotta walls that distracted from the quality of the art presentation, it was of high caliber.

I left the show emotionally moved by the one wall of Glenna Hartmann paintings. It was the first time I'd seen a grouping of her work since she passed. In my opinion this one wall made the show.

...and the show must go on.

Van Stein, Jane Seymour, Robert Eringer