Bedlam Bar Feb 2, 2010

The Bedlam bar was up and running; in full swing. It was the Buzz of London.
We'd just returned from a journey to Gheel, Belgium, where we'd gone on a successful trip to retrieve the relics of St. Dymphna, (the patron saint of Mental illness).
Along with relics we brought back some orbs, which graced our pictures in the Cathedral of St. Amand, as well in this upstairs room of Bedlam.

The bar was packed; it was Jazz night. I got the urge to paint, so I grabbed my easel and paint box and ran across Heath Street to set up and paint this painting of the Bedlam Bar under the full moon. If one looks closely, they can see the image of the mural painted inside the building behind the bar; of The Royal Betheleham Mental Hospital. It was painted in florescent paint.

The figure in the window is none other than Eringer (the mysterious) appearing like Anthony Perkin's Mother in the window of the mansion above the Bates Hotel in the movie, "Psycho".

In this case, Life imitated Art...

Bedlam Under a Full Moon 8x5, oil/panel
Pvt. Collection