Moonlit Surf, Goleta Beach. Feb. 19, 2010

I had just finished painting a 14"x20" oil painting of the Moonrise, See Jan 8, 2010 Blog. (BTW, this is now in the collection of a famous local mystery writer). I was on location with five other Moonlight Painters who were working diligently to capture the moon in it's ascent. It was another warm, and balmy Fall evening

Sometimes after completing one painting I feel like calling it a night, as I am fatigued. However, If I stick it out for just one more sketch, it sometimes can be considered one of my better paintings! By the time I start painting I forget my fatigue, and soldier on through the process to produce just one more work of art.

This second painting can be considered the one which moves me deeper into my art, and depth as an artist. It isn't necessarily a pretty picture, but, "feels" like night; and for me the painting represents it as a memorable one.

Moonlit Surf, Goleta Beach
6"x9" oil/canvas 2009
Painting subject to prior sale