Past-the-Mortini; Feb 11, 2010

The First Thursday event in the La Arcada Courtyard was an amusing event. There were more people stopping by to ogle the image this night, than last month's First Thursday. In fact there was more of everything; more people, more flags, more lights, more art officianatos, as well as more influence of a great martini called the, "Marquee".

This painting evolved loosely and abstractly; reminiscent of the CLUB NASA painting I'd done in Iceland back in 2002. I used a lot of paint, and did my best to let the painting paint itself; paint in the 4th dimension. It took approximately one hour to paint.

I wasn't interested in depicting historical accuracy, but rather just painting this particular night; celebrating art in mid-winter, Santa Barbara.

As is anytime I am painting in public, this was an exercise in detachment. What you are seeing is the painting, unfinished, in it's dynamic alla-prima state; it's important to expose the audience to the unrealized, raw, imperfections of an immediate sketch, so they can appreciate the freshness of a new born work or art...and artists' process.

Past-the-Mortini 8x10, oil/canvas 2010
Painting subject to prior sale