Summer Moonrise, Goleta. Jan. 8, 2010

Twas a balmy night in November when the Hunter's Moon rose in the East. When the Moon rises quickly; not only must one try to anticipate what may happen visually in an hour to an hour or two from the initial brush strokes, but it is important to keep in mind the original motif. Work from memory. The night darkens and moon lightens.

During the painting evolution, it's a, "pick and choose" discriminating mind set. One paints in anticipation, asking which accents to apply, which to to simplify, and/or leave untouched. I find the best paintings are those which seem to paint themselves, and in the end, (hopefully), they look effortless; and feel spontaneous, dynamic, and alive.

Summer Moonrise, Goleta 14x20 oil/canvas 2009
Painting subject to prior sale