Blue Moon Over the Biltmore Jan.6, 2010

Such an emotional lure, that luminous orb!

Since Blue was the Moon and theme for the day, (and my mood in 2009, was much the same way), I decided to end this old disjointed year in an harmonious way. I would make a statement on how I am going to be in the world; from today forward.

Every color I mixed to create this last painting of the decade had some measurement of blue in the ingredients. From the under painting,(blue), to the highlight of the Moon, (also blue), there was some variation of blue slightly influencing each color note. Today's lesson? Harmony!!

After I'd finished working, I actually felt relieved; purged of the blues for a brief moment... Ahh! Art therapy is a good thing!

"Blue Moon Over the Biltmore". 9"x6" oil/canvas
Painting subject to prior purchase.