The Howler Feb, 1, 2010

Since it is the Full Wolf Moon, I shall continue with my Moon-Themed Madness.

This is an image I painted for the Bedlam Bar in Hampstead Heath, London, owned by my friend Robert Eringer [mystery be upon him]. The content of this painting says it all. It was originally painted on a 14x11 canvas, but someone slightly askew took a razor blade to it and sliced it up--for some unknown reason. It is now this new...shape...

Never, NEVER, give sharp objects to the mentally unstable! Anyway, Whenever the full moon comes around this is how I feel; I just want to HOWL!

The Bar/Restaurant Bedlam, named after the first mental hospital in England; the "Royal Bethlehem Hospital for the Mentally Insane". The Bedlam Bar was created to celebrate creativity and madness, with art and artists, music and tasty treats designed to bring out the avaunt guard and over the edge personalities so prevalent in English culture.

When it was in existence, the Bedlam Bar was a great place to stop and stay, in transition to our various odyssey destinations;like Iceland, Gheel, Belgium, Arles, Figuerez, and Sils Maria. It was like a quick trip to a mental institution; where you could be entertained by the inmates, (or become one yourself). Or just find the muse out on a whim. Amusing lunacy.

"Every Night was a Full Moon at the Bedlam Bar".