Painting the Homestead Jan. 28, 2010

Wednesday Painting Class: Light and Shadow in Art. Theme: Architecture. (That's me in the Aussie Hat).

Why not have the class come down to Carpinteria and paint the house where I live, and where my two boys were born? It was a great experience to see so many variations on the theme of my home. It helps me to view the different perspectives on a part of my life which is so close to me and holds so many fond memories.

Originally, the house was the very 'first' Hotel in Carpinteria; called, "The Near Beach Hotel". It was built in 1925 by Grandpa Dorrance. In its history, it was a hotel, a Cat house, and inhabited by a bunch of hippies throughout the 1960's who aptly named it, "The Alamo".

My family took it over in 1974 and have worked to renovate it, (twice) since then. It's a great place to live with a view of the ocean, and passers by who are ambling up the street to the "Spot"; (a famous hamburger stand next door). Though it is a little noisy in the Summer months, and the train station is 50 meters away, the environment is rich for an artist's imagination.

One visitor commented that he felt it was a cross between Hemingway and Steinbeck...
It is definitely a landmark.

It's small, it's funky, and it's home.