Fools Anchorage Jan 26, 2010

This is why the two mile stretch of East Beach in Santa Barbara is called, "FOOLS ANCHORAGE".

Twelve boats were swept aground as a result of the tumultuous surf and wind swells of this last storm. Every year it happens, but this year wins the prize as far as quantity of sailboats beached.

My understanding is, they have three days to re-float the boats or salvage them. (What a shame). Fortunately, the boat I painted last year is still anchored a mile off shore,(It is visible on the horizon to the right). The owners of these two boats in my picture cut it way too close; they didn't seek a safe harbor.

It's high drama when a boat or ship runs aground; it becomes an event to behold.
I find it fascinating to see the hull's configuration- the part which is rarely seen by human eyes. I appreciate the beautiful workmanship; the ancient lore of marine architecture. All throughout history Man has built boats and ships and they do come on shore from time to time.

Today, I was a lookie loo; joining the ranks of on lookers, snapping photos. I didn't paint the scene (yet), however, I studied the shapes and designs of the beached vessels, gave a prayer, then moved on my way.