Sloop Off Shore Jan.25, 2010

This beautiful sail boat lay off shore of East Beach, Santa Barbara, in Fools Anchorage. (Tomorrow's Blog will tell you why it is known for that title)

One Wednesday afternoon in late Spring when I came to teach my class, I saw the boat moored in close, and I knew I would have to paint it. My inspiration was transformed into my class demonstration painting. About about twenty five or so students gathered to watch me paint.

I had to work quickly as the sun was setting and I was about to lose my light. What I was after was keeping the tones harmonious, and not too separate in both color intensity and value. I really enjoyed the cool colors of the hull in contrast with the warm colors of the atmospheric sky and muted gray blue of the ocean.

There is something romantic about the sea; sailboats and sailing ships. To me, these vessels represent freedom; to roam and explore at a moments notice. In my mind, many times, I've imagined the allure of a high seas adventure. On this particular afternoon, I dreamed this sail boat was my, "E-ticket."

Sloop Off Shore, 12"x 12" 2009 oil/board
Painting subject to prior sale