Leapin' Lizards! Jan. 22, 2010

Getting ready to paint a demonstration painting at the Montecito Country Club, last spring, I opened my palette up to find this little lizard crawling around inside. This picture shows the lizard between the piles of Cerulean Blue, and Permanent Green Light.

I was startled at first, then bemused. That is, until the lizard started to crawl all over the piles of paint, and leave oil paint tracks wherever it went.

I felt sorry for the little guy because as it now had toxic paint on it's skin, and as it scurried off into the shrubbery, it left some colorful footprints behind. There was nothing I could do to keep this from happening.

Today's lesson: When painting in nature, I am to appreciate unpredictable events, and learn to accept that I, have little or no control over the elements, and that which comes my way vibrationally becomes a part of my painting process.

Nature teaches me humility in a colorful way...and this is a good thing!