Artwalk, La Arcada Courtyard Jan. 10, 2010

I wanted to finish this painting before it was published, however some spy guy beat me too it! Yes, I realize its small, (8x10), but dynamite comes in small packages. Its fun to load up a large no.8 brush, filled with lots of paint, and have a celebration of the oils by letting the paint fall or be dragged loosely onto the board. The brush strokes are alive!
I had a lot of fun working expressively; to complete this painting in a little over an hour. Remember, it is a sketch, and you are viewing it in its 'alla prima' state. Nothing has been touched, which is why it will be easy for the trained eye to critique, and discern some flaws.
I will fix those flaws eventually, and try to not ruin the painting by belaboring it. For now, enjoy the charm and immediacy of the sketch.

Artwalk, La Arcada Courtyard, 7x10 oil/panel 2010
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