Life on the Edge

I guess I live by the old saying, "If you are not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much room." As a result, I seek in every moment of life, the edge. And thus, in spirit I am never poor. "Why Notism".

The magic is in this moment. I choose the riches and miracles in the here and now, and once I've gotten to the configuration of the moment before me I can't wait to share it, and teach it.

I teach through my story, I teach through my paintings. I am to create a life that is thought provoking, if not by my actions, but by the paintings/expressions I manifest.

Each painting is like a bread crumb on the trail for whomever is called, or moved, to investigate the life of Thomas Van Stein; remnants of a life once lived in the shifting paradigms of the early 21st Century.

This blog will be a starting place for me to share the extraordinary events, places, times and stories, of my life, and lessons to be learned; a journal, open to feedback and critique. A launching pad for ideas; a place for community to check in and deepen their appreciation for life, and inspiration to live their lives more fully.