Studio from the Air.jpg

A few years ago I flew SIC (Second in Command) of Aerial Photographer/Artist William B. Dewey in is Cessna 182. Bill was commissioned to get some photos from the air, of some land for sale, in Santa Barbara. On this journey we flew up above and around my studio, (It's skylight has black plastic in the shape of an inverted "V").  These were the sheds for Santa Barbara's original Dairy, "The International Dairy", est. in the 1870's.   Studio Show 2009

Spitfire Sponsel.jpg

Artist Patricia Chidlaw's husband,Bob Sponsel, eyes his Spitfire  2004

This is my space for finishing/framing my work. It’s important to have good/consistent light.

My location is in downtown Santa Barbara at the International Dairy Cooperative, a conglomeration of artists and craftsmen utilizing some old barns belonging to Santa Barbara's original dairy, built in the latter part of the 19th Century.


Student Critique Secession and art party 2006.  Artist Michael Peake at the Dairy Cooperative Art Show in 2010.


Sitting outside my studio next to an aluminium propeller from a Crashed B-24 Liberator found off Santa Rosa Island in WWII.  2003