Mascota Plein Air Painting Workshop

January 7 - 10, 2020

Save your spot by December 1, 2019!

  • Countless doorways and mysterious entryways

  • 18th-19th Century Architectural ruins

  • Calvalerous

  • Beautiful botanicals blooming year round

  • Artisans, craftsmen, musicians and traditional dancers

  • Numerous taco stands

  • Charming hotels

  • Raicilla (local Tequilla) tasting

  • Nocturne moonlight landscape painting

  • The Stone Art Museum

  • National Geographic Museum of Archeology

Situated within a mountain valley, a mere 60 minute drive, East of Puerto Vallarta, Mascota is like the land that time forgot. It is the quintessential, Mexican small town graced with classic 17th-19th century Spanish-Colonial Architecture.  Meandering quaint cobblestone streets flanked by brilliantly painted adobe buildings, some dating back 400 years.  The locals are jovial, and hospitable; respecting age-old traditions, contributing to the magical atmosphere unique within the Mexican culture. Come experience the culture and capture the magic in paint.  Full moon painting on January 10. Vincent Van Gogh would have fallen in love with Mascota!


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